Indoor Arena
Stay warm in the cold. and cool in the heat

20m x 40m indoor arena with mirrors

Our bright indoor arena features mirrors, a heated viewing lounge, and a professional sound system. We maintain our footing well.

Conditioning Track
Keep your horse in shape.

Our property boasts a well kept conditioning track for keeping our horses fit. The footing on our outdoor track is ideal for gallping sets, in addition to relaxing strolls.

Outdoor Jumper Ring
Good footing and a wide variety of jumps makes for a fun ride.

Our 45m x 45m jump ring comes complete with a good selection of jumps.

Outdoor Dressage Ring

Wind Song also boasts a 20m x 60m outdoor dressage ring with great footing. Our dressage arena is also fully equipped with flower boxes and arena letters

10'x12' stalls with Comfort mats™ and peat moss, make for a restful night

Comfort Mats StableComfort™ provides unsurpassed comfort through a resilient stall surface which simulates natural turf. While standing, this system provides a supportive, even surface. While lying down the StableComfort flooring decreases the timeline of injury rehabilitation and aids in loosening stiff joints.

Other Amenities

- Indoor washroom
- Tack room
- Heated wash stall
- Laundry service available
- Good hacking nearby

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