Hubei Color Root Technology Co., Ltd

Hubei Color Root Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Color Root Technology"), established in 2008, Color Root Technology is still the only fluorine reactive dyes production base with the most complete intermediates in China, and has built "one center" Shanghai CHROMA R&D center, "two platforms" Hong Kong Color Root offshore and Wuhan Qilihua import and export business platform, "three bases" production base in Songzi City Hubei Province, Shayang City Hubei Province and Alxa League, Inner Mongolia , "four major business sectors" dye synthesis,chemical intermediates, basic chemical raw materials and solid waste and hazardous waste disposal

The company's reactive dyes have sold nearly 40,000 tons yearly for five consecutive years, firmly establishing itself as a leading company in the subdivision of the reactive dye industry. As a nationally recognized "Little Giant" enterprise with strong innovation capabilities and promising growth prospects, Color Root is specializing in the subdivision market of reactive dyes, focusing on its core business,  continuously deepens its cultivation in the subdivision field of reactive dyes.

“Professionalization”: Focusing on the integrated business of core industries such as reactive dyes, reactive dye intermediates, and basic chemical raw materials, deeply cultivating the reactive dye industry chain, possessing strong professional production capabilities, and firmly ranking as a leading enterprise in the segmented field of reactive dyes, providing key and supporting products and extended services to nearly one thousand customers in the printing and dyeing industry;

“Refinement”:Color Root Technology has established a refined and efficient system, process, and structure, achieving production refinement, management refinement, and service refinement, forming core competitiveness and providing systematic printing and dyeing solutions for customers;

“Specialization”:With industry uniqueness, Color Root Technology is the only company in China that can produce fluorine reactive dyes. It has the most complete production base for fluorine reactive dye intermediates. Fluorine reactive dyes have excellent quality and dyeing performance such as high fixation, high light fastness, high rubbing fastness, and low salt & alkali using, breaking the monopoly by European and American enterprises on high-end reactive dyes;

“Innovation”:Color Root Technology continues to carry out technological and management innovation, with 145 patents; Led and participated in the formulation of 14 national & industry standards, continuously innovating and cultivating new growth points, forming new differentiated competitive advantages. In 2022, the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission recognized Color Root as the Hubei Engineering Research Center for Reactive Dyes.

  • 2008
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    Authorized Patent
  • 2017
    First batch of pillar industries